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From Everything.Sucks is a subsidiary of SNCF selling passes and point-to-point tickets for rail travel around Europe. It has commercial links to major European rail operators including SNCF, Eurostar, Deutsche Bahn, and Thalys, and is made up of four independent companies in distinct geographical areas. As at 2003, It was the largest French electronic commerce website in volume. One quarter of French SNCF tic


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Arthur Haidara says

"Scandaleux, point."

Nichlas Rasmussen says

"I just moved to France and needed a TGV max card for 3 months. I went online and paid with my danish bank account, however, they did not take foreign bank accounts. While I was trying to setup a French bank account, the payment failed a second time. Afterwards I used my French girlfriends bank account. However, this payment also failed. After talking to a horribel customer service agent who didn't seem interested in helping, and who didn't reply to my follow-up emails, we finally managed to fix the payment. Now they have withdrawn the money (on 28. June 2020), but they need 16 days to unlock my account. Right now I'm paying 250 EUR per week to go to Paris and back home to my address, and I need to do this for 3 weeks, so a total of 750 EUR). And this is over and above the 252 EUR I have paid for the TGV Max card WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO USE IT! Awful and very expensive encounter. Absolutely unacceptable!"

TK says

"Bought tickets to visit Japan with my family last fall, for June 2020. Flight cancelled due to COVID-19. They issued "credits", but to use them you have to call a customer service line that redirects to Expedia, who tell you that since you bought your ticket at you have to contact When I finally found a number to speak to a human at, they couldn't find the trip, even though there is a public page on their website with all the details of this trip. I have wasted countless hours trying to get my money back. If that sounds like a good experience, don't hesitate to use for your travel needs! POST SCRIPTUM: After a few more hours spent calling customer service and writing emails, I finally managed to get hold of someone at oui/expedia who began the procedure of asking for a refund. We'll see in a few months how that goes..."

Laura says

"In a Paris > Montpellier train, every single seat is taken and we are just 1 month after the lockdown in France as coronavirus still circulates in the country. The cars of the train are completely full. The rule of one seat on and one seat off isn’t in place, people are all seating next to each other. The ratp or eurostar are doing a so much better job to secure the safety of people. Don’t travel this summer with the SNCF, they don’t care about your safety, only about the money."

FAVOREL Benjamin says

"Service deplorable personnel zero perte de temps et d'argent"

Bogna says

"Not worth spending any cent for this dreadful company. I lost many hours and nerves during most of my travels with their horrible trains that are always late. These people do obviously not care for our climate since they make you want to take the car for your next trip! If I could give less than 1 star I would happily do so."

Giulia says

"I am currently in vacation in France and never have I ever faced so much drama in one trip. Four of my trains and TER got cancelled due to the strike without any sort of warning, every couple of days I rush to the station only to not find anything, so I have to spend plenty of time and money trying to search for an alternative. It really ruins the mood, I get that the aim of the strike is to cause problems, but as a costumer why would I have to root for the workers, it is awful to say but at this point I am so bothered that I only wish they all get "suppressed" (as for "fired") like the trains. At least the company could send a message of apologize, it would be appreciated, but what kind of service am I expecting from them when they do not even inform you nor have a protected bands of service. Even Trenitalia, that is constantly delayed and overpriced, is better than this and for who is familiar with that I have said everything. Getting refunds is also crazy as it can only be required online in my case, however the form is exclusively in French. Can not wait to leave this damn country, now I remember why I always prefer to go to Germany."

Flavlb says

"Horrible, à vomir, si il y avait des notes négatives ..."

Mirjam Urfer says

"SNCF is striking again and cancelled my very expensive ticket from Amsterdam to Zurich three days before departure. Getting a refund seems very complicated. None of their links for refunds actually work. Moreover, only the French cancellation email mentions the possibility of a refund. Now, they ask me to send my ticket to Spain in order to get my refund. Moreover, they don’t allow me to change my return ticket to an earlier train although the conditions clearly state that I’m allowed to exchange my ticket any time before departure. Their reason: I opted for «sending tickets by mail», which, apparently, excludes the possibility for alterations, although they don’t state that when you buy the tickets. It’s absolutely crazy. My Christmas holiday, which was supposed to be a relaxing trip, has turned into a financial nightmare, as I don’t even know how to find the funds to buy an equivalent ticket at such short notice and without their refund. Absolutely not trustworthy. I don’t think I will ever use SNCF again for any travel that doesn’t absolutely necessitate it."

Matthew Rock says

"Awful service! Their garbage website never sent me my ticket. I was charged for the trip BUT because I couldn't find my ticket anywhere, I had to buy a 2nd ticket in order to get from Lausanne to Paris. They never sent me the second ticket either, but I created an account and made as many screenshots as possible to cover my butt if they tried to screw me again. Horrendous company! Never again."

Wojciech Jasonek says

"One of the worst and trustless public transport especially in Paris. You come to the station and never know if the train will depart or will be cancelled, especially during the summer. I am seating in the train which normally should works and 2 minutes before departure, they just cancelled. I will see what will be with next one after 18 min. Maybe I should go to the gare Montparnasse. They don't care about people who works or go back to home after all day work!!!!!"

Slammed Minivan says

"HORRIBLE website. I tried booking a ticket and it declined ALL of my credit cards giving NO explanation. How am I supposed to get a train ticket?? They HATE MONEY"

Samson says

"SNCF has the WORST customer service EVER!!! Not helpful at all!!! I booked 2 TGV tickets from Paris to Tours and 2 bus Tickest from Trous to Paris through their website, I received a cancellation email after the money was already withdrawn from my account!!! After several emails and several attempts to contact them, NO cooperation AT ALL from their side although I have proof!!! This is called a theft!!! SHAME on them!!!"

Lisanne says

"I paid 420 euros for tickets I did not receive. There is no customer service phone number! Scandalous..."

Nishi Jain says

"Please dont ever use this website, it's a scam. I booked a train from their website and immediately got a mail stating that the payment has failed and the booking didnt go through but they debited money from my account and are refusing to refund it back. The customer service is pathetic and dont respond to you at all. I have been constantly writing emails to them but no response. Dont ever book from this website."

Brian Hinchcliffe says

"The booking website is appalling, with blocks and repititions all over. Take the same train, but closer to your destination and it costs more! You have to enter your age if you are using a senior card. What's the point of that? If you lie about your age you can't get a card anyway. The site also demands the number of your senior card. What if you haven't bought it yet? There is an online survey that is equally brainless. It asks for the date of journey. You click the calendar, it posts the date in USA format, then blocks you with " incorrect date format". The whole experience is long, tortuous, repetitive, inaccurate, unclear and frustrating."

Sirene says

"I had a valid ticket booked on Eurostar behalf, yet the ticket control when scanned it said it's invalid and demanded to pay a new 120 Euro fare on board ! When I later checked with Eurostar office they said my ticket is valid indeed and I should never have been charged 120 Euros! It took over a month with lots of hassle to get this reimbursed! These Con artists probably had set the scanner up so it doesn't recognize the code so they get their commission from penalty fare! I will advise everyone I know against traveling with this rail company! BEWARE! SCAMMERS!"

Andrea Rima says

"After buying a ticket for more than 100e, it turns out that they do overbooking and I don't have a seat assigned for my 4h ride! Totally disrespectful towards its clients. To avoid."

JB says

"They promised me to pay back €300 due to wrong train tickets. They never did. They said the money was sent but it never arrived. After that, couldn't contact them anymore. Basically they scammed me. Horrible company."

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